Leveling Up

I checked in with my scale this morning to learn that 7 months of self-isolation have helped my weight balloon to its highest score in years. Since this is not a form of leveling up I want, I’m going to have to take some action to bring the weight down. In this part of my life, I need to level down.

I’ve made arrangements to join a program that should take me through a year of support for this goal. In particular, I need to learn how to soothe my Covid anxiety with something other than delicious cookies, cakes, and breads. I also hope to learn good ways to exercise while still socially distancing. This month will be the most intense as I take courses and work to change my kitchen and my meals. After that I hope I will have adjusted to the new way of eating.


I finished Mia’s edits of the Thule collection. I may add one more edda and a foreword a friend is doing for me. And perhaps some internal art. But it is one huge step closer. Mia Kleve is an excellent editor, easy to work with, and scary smart. If you’re in the market for an editor you can find her company, MRK’d Up Editing here. She specializes in science fiction and fantasy, but she also has a fair bit of knowledge of Arctic exploration.

Steve and I continue to work on the edits for Secret Project #2. They are fairly involved so it’s not quick work. But with persistence forward progress we move forward.

I’ve started the SF novella today. My plan is to finish it before the end of October, while continuing work on Peak Love followed by a novella length sequel to the Thule stories. I have a consistent time that I work now and people I work with. It makes a huge difference for me and my productivity. I’m leveling up.

I hope you are also leveling up in whatever is important to you.

Be well, friends!

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