Kickstarter, Cats, & MidsouthCon

I’m still thinking my way through the MidsouthCon issue. Right now I think I will not go. I promised Steve I’d wait until Sunday to make a solid decision since by then we should have more information. Several of my friends decided to cancel their MidsouthCon plans because of the virus. Other friends will go to MidsouthCon.

I dread writing a letter explaining why I’m backing out of my panels since I made such an effort to get on them. Also, I like to be a person who can be counted on to fulfill my commitments. But I’d also like to be the person who doesn’t spread a deadly virus.

In other news, Dean Wesley Smith and Loren L. Coleman are offering a free class on Teachable called Kickstarter Best Practices for Fiction Writers: All the Ins and Outs of a Fiction Kickstarter. I’m excited by this. I can’t believe that they are offering this for free.

Loren Coleman has done amazing Kickstarters in gaming and has done Kickstarters that brought in millions of dollars. Dean has done numerous Kickstarters. I really encourage you to take a look at their free course.

I’m working on this week’s story, which I think will be a cat story. Though, as always, that might change by Sunday.

Be well, friends!

UPDATE: MidsouthCon cancelled this year’s convention.


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